Pastel Open Space Event FAQs

How do the door locks work?

Our doors will automatically unlock and lock again for your event at the pre-scheduled times. You must be present the entire time the doors are unlocked. If you are leaving earlier than scheduled, please call Pastel staff 1 hour ahead of time to arrange for the doors to relock at your new departure time. This does not guarantee that staff will be available to help you.
Call: 734-404-8232 PLEASE DO NOT TEXT.

What furniture is included?

  • 3 Gray workspace tables
  • 16 white leather wheeled chairs
  • 6 white stacking chairs with rose gold legs
  • 2 velvet upholstered chairs with small marble table
  • 4 metal bar stools

White desk surfaces are NOT part of the rental agreement and should not be used. Thanks for honoring the Pastel members who rent them and have 24/7 access to their space

Can I change the room layout?

Yes. You can move any of the furniture listed above. Furniture must be put back to normal business day layout after your event. You MUST unplug the gray tables before moving them (electricity cords and ethernet cords). Please use provided screwdriver to pry open the floor plugs.  

Can I use the conference room?

Not unless you purchased exclusive use of the conference room as an addition to your event fee. Of you have not purchased this then Pastel members are allowed to work in the conference room during your event and you may not remove the chairs from the room.

Where can I set out food?

Please serve food and drinks only on the bar counter at the back of our space next to the kitchen. Do not serve food on the white desk surfaces. Guests may eat and drink at the gray tables. Guests may not use the white desk surfaces.

Can I use the coffee maker?

Not unless you have purchased use of the coffee pot which includes cream, sugar and disposable coffee cups. You may not use your own coffee in our coffee maker.

Can I use Pastel dish ware?

Please feel free to use our reusable dish ware and wash after use. Please do not use our disposable dish ware unless you have purchased use of the coffee pot which includes disposable coffee cups.

What technology and supplies are included?

Free WiFi

Sign with wifi info is on ½ wall by stairwell

LED presentation screen with HDMI connectivity

  • For Presentations: Plug in the teal and black HDMI cord found in the bottom drawer by the printer. You will find the TV remote control there as well. If you have trouble connecting please Google about connecting your device type via HDMI.
  • To Watch TV: We have Comcast. It is a separate remote in the same drawer.

Sirius XM Radio / Bluetooth Speaker

The radio on the reception table plays Sirius XM Radio. It can also connect to your own device via Bluetooth. Instructions are in the folder on the bookshelf by the printer.

White board Located in conference room and can be moved to open space.

Where are the cleaning supplies?

Cleaning supplies are in the utility closet next to the restrooms. Kitchen garbage bags are under the kitchen sink.

Where is the dumpster?

The map for the dumpster location is on the cleaning checklist. Our dumpster does not take recycling. You must take home items to be recycled.

Download the POST-EVENT CHECK-OUT LIST here. (A print-out will be provided upon arrival.)