CEO, Founder

Renée’s Story

CEO, Founder

Renée’s Story

When I founded Pastel, I knew first-hand that there was a need for independent business women to work and connect out of the house yet still close to home.

In my pre-kid days, I was a graphic designer at Doner Advertising working on Owens Corning, The UPS Store and Scripps Networks. A year after I became a Mom, it was time to shift gears professionally, so I said good-bye to the structure of a traditional workplace, and hello to the flexibility of entrepreneurship.

I found my tribe by helping other women-owned design agencies with work overflow while mentoring former coworkers as they, too, took the leap into working on their own terms. I landed a large women’s blogging network redesign while jumping in leaf piles with my boys. This opportunity led me to meet more women-entrepreneurs who needed my design services. My company, Studio Bold is honored to have 100+ companies and entertainers trust us with their brands including The Toy Insider, Diray Media, The Mavins Group, Channing and Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Saints and Sinners New Orleans, Q Social Media, and Cassell Communications, all while running kids back and forth to Dearborn to dance classes, Farmington Hills to skateboard lessons and Birmingham to lego camps (just to name a few).

I know that each advancement that I’ve made in my career as an entrepreneur has been because of the support of another woman entrepreneur.

I created Pastel to provide a place for independent business women to find support, balance and connection. And because and I truly believe that investing in women is the smartest economic venture of today. It will advance our communities, our businesses and our future leaders.

About Studio Bold

I run Studio Bold from my desk at Pastel. Studio Bold is passionate team of designers, developers and creative writers. We design and build websites that are lovely to look at and easy to use. Our capabilities also include an extensive background in inspired print design, plus the experience to help you craft a unique and timeless brand identity.

Check us at or better yet, stop by and chat with me at Pastel!


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