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Our mission is to provide women with an inspiring workspace and inclusive community. A place where they can find their tribe, feel seen, heard, and can completely be who they are.

A place where the members are authentic, kind and hard working and the coffee is strong. Where women who come here realize that the benefit of success is the ability to help others. Where all the complicated, messy and terrifying parts of balancing work and family have an open space to get untangled — even if just for a bit. Where you can leave your stuff out when you go to the bathroom and there are always extra tampons.

We believe in leading by example.

Pastel gave me the confidence to move to Plymouth and start a business. Walking around DTP on a wintery day I came across the beautiful space. The owner, Renee welcomed me and my husband in for a tour. Her genuine enthusiasm for helping women succeed was contagious. Knowing that a supportive space for women business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs existed in Plymouth made me so happy and motivated. Renee and her team has created a warm, impeccably designed environment in which women can thrive and connect. I’m so excited for more that is on the horizon for this wonderful community!

Kerry Biskelonis, LPC, RYT


Downtown Plymouth, MI

Strong Women. Strong Community

Founded in the early nineteenth century by Puritan New Englanders, early Plymouth women were hard-working homemakers. While ultimately confined to traditional gender boundaries, they found value in building rich and meaningful relationships with other women and gathered socially at quilting circles and chapters of national women’s societies.

Plymouth women today are diverse, intelligent, ambitious, cultured and successful. They are glass ceiling smashers, courageous entrepreneurs and tenacious employees. They believe in home and community while valuing their careers.

Join Pastel and work alongside the empowered women transforming the Metro Detroit suburbs into centers of progress.

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We feel that giving is a part of continuing the betterment of our community.

We are proud to be a contributor to many organizations and fundraising efforts.


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Renée Deming

Renée Deming

CEO, Founder

Emily Wiedmair

Emily Wiedmair

Pastel Community Manager, Creativity Circle Chair

Donna Mazzola, Pharm.D.

Donna Mazzola, Pharm.D.

Wellness Circle Chair


Teresa Pilarz

Teresa Pilarz

Entrepreneurship Circle CoChair


Jessica Tower

Jessica Tower

Entrepreneurship Circle CoChair