A beautiful, modern, furnished office.

Reduce stress. Increase productivity. Impress clients. Pastel offers professional women private office space in the heart of downtown Plymouth, Michigan.

With fast wi-fi, coffee, snacks and so much more, you will have everything you need to get sh*t done. Bring together remote teams or present to clients in our large conference room or even reserve the whole open space for an event.

A Private Office can change the game.

Designed to be your “dream office”, our peaceful and inspiring private offices are crafted with tranquility in mind.

Just starting… or starting over.

Find encouragement in a community of women who’ve gone through what you’re in the middle of. There’s nothing like a good success story inspire your career reinvention process. Brush up on your skills in one of our professional development workshops. And have a tranquil place to get your business plan in order.

Our Private Office members are able to access all the amenities of a commercial office at a fraction of price enabling remote workers and solopreneurs to take those first steps more comfortably and confidently.

High-speed Internet, Color Printing & Scanning

Member Discount Perks

Espresso Elevado Coffee, Water & Snacks

Private Phone Booth / Lactation Room

Drop-In Day Passes $15/Day

Complimentary Member Events, 10% off all Pastel Events

Discounted Rental Rates

Member Directory Access, Private Facebook Group & Slack Channel

Become part of our community.

All memberships include access to our beautiful loft-style office space right on Forest Avenue! Just bring your laptop, pick an open seat and get to work. Our ergonomic furnishings, lush upholstery, gorgeous lighting and chic accents have been crafted to give working women as tranquil and transformative an experience as possible and foster productivity and innovation with a sense of control, success, purpose and balance.

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

– Amy Poehler

A culture of support and strength to empower each other to achieve greater things. Participate in our classes and workshops that focus on building a successful business and creating a healthier and more fulfilled life and enjoy easy networking opportunities with other women like you (smart, driven, amazing).

Entrepreneurship is a big leap of faith and sometimes it can can feel lonely and overwhelming. But every time I walk into Pastel, those feelings wash away when I talk with other women who are taking similar leaps.  Those encouraging voices and the supportive energy make the hard days more manageable.

Erin Barbossa

Intuissa, Owner/Founder

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Briana Horlings

Briana, of Plymouth, is a Heath Coach and owner/founder of Aloud Wellness, and sells Young Living Essential Oils. She loves the small town of Plymouth, but her heart is in the Carolina’s.

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Belcher

Stephanie, of Livonia, is a managing partner and marketing coordinator for Green Bell Marketing. She helps local businesses clarify and define their their marketing and growth strategies.

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